Botox Injections

Halley Cimini is a Nurse Practitioner who has worked in the medical field for over ten years. She is certified in Neurotoxin injections and is excited to be partnering with Elle Day Spa where she will be offering this service by appointment. Halley values a healthy lifestyle. She integrates this into her own life by prioritizing physical activity, nutrition and connectivity. Halley understands the importance of attending to all facets of ourselves in order to optimize well being: "How we feel about ourselves; our level of confidence, directly impacts our health - it's all connected."

Halley has been trained by Dr. Joseph Russo who is a Harvard trained and Board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Russo runs a practice out of Newton, MA where he performs the latest techniques and technologies for rejuvenation, age prevention, and body contouring. He shares his expertise in medical aesthetics with his students at his accredited Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts (AIM) in Waltham.


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